Fucked Up

Peeps, i've got something to share doh hari ni. Today is the day that everybody feels stressed out I guess sebab it was the first day of ujian setara which is Accounts, Science and Sejarah are the subject of the day. And i was like "OH MAN!" get rid myself from this please.. And I decided to take my license computer test today. So skip school lah kan and as usual kalau ponteng2 ni mak orang first tau. Kawtim punya! HAHA

Early in the morning around 9 I arrived Liyana's home and waited mak Joe nak fetch we all and yeah, our tummy were jamming at that time and we are finally decided to go to DE for having breakfast.... Mak Joe has arrived.

We are heading straight to Seri Muda sebab test centre kat sana. I am Bismillah-ing nonstop doh in like thousands time i guess sebab cuak punya pasal...... The test were finished. Liyana memang dah keluar 15 mnutes earlier than me. And shes failed the test by scoring under 42. And dia gelak towards aku lalu keluar dari bilik ujian dan menuggu deyda di luar. hahaha.

Semak punya semak, i put some strength to myself and said "dah lah tu deyda, kesian yana tunggu kat luar" and i finally finished my test by clicking the button "ya" followed by "keputusan" and tadaaaaaa i am failed too. HAHAHA im scoring 41 doh. Just one more question then i'll past the test. But what to do. There is no turning back. And i stressed out all day long.

On 2.30, Liyana and Wawa sent me to Ika's home. In a plan of finishing our Tinta's senior page. But the truth is, i am not in the mood of losing 1 mark that is important to me. Ye lahh nak re-take kena rm50. Baik buat tengok movie five times kan! HAHA. So, Ika and I finally put aside the works and planning to go out of the house to somewhere we could lepak-ing and released my tension.

We have collected a lot of frames petang tadi. And I feel better bila dapat gambar nak di-edit kan. Thats what i usually do when i feel down actualy. HAHA. But suddenly my photoshop buat hal. And i feel so fuckedup. What a horrible day i had. This is unacceptable especially when it comes to the result of the test.

Ya Allah!
Apakah dosa-dosa hambaMu ini?


Amal Nabihah said...

Ohh pity you dear. Haha. Chill saja okaay :-)

deyda said...

i chill lah jugak ni.
thanks for visiting my blog ya :D

Razu said...

ai.. dah ade soala bocor pun leh tak lulus? apa la korang brangan ni..

abg dulu score 50/50 in under 9 mins je..

replay's believe it or not?


Zee said...

Rambot cool :-)