Merdeka's Belated Birthday.

Yesterday on 31st August, Malaysia's birthday was celebrated. It's a big day for Malaysia where everybody with various races has proudly says "Merdeka! Merdeka!" with various tones and keys together. Once again, they were standing together as one nation, one Malaysia.

I was late posting this post due to my busyness playing fb's annoying application. In fact, I am now taking trial for my big exam, SPM. This is the thing that cuak me out because since awal tahun I don't think that i have spend my time for study. I sedar of what i've just said. But theres a lot of satans (in modern english) or setan (in malay) in my room, seriously. So, since it was Ramadhan known as a very holy month i will changed and started to hold any books during free time (maybe) instead of still online-ing cause it's a must. And i guess this is my last month using this berukband cause i've just received a letter from maxis stated blablabla... and i am willingly going to terminate this beloved berukband's services as soon as possible.

Okay i know this is going to be sad. But what to do. If my laptop has an active signal to online, i will possibly turn in front of this screen and never never never thinking about others. Sebab ada macam aura or something like magnet has chased me, has pulled me, has attract me and i will easily gets careless. But chill lah, pakli dekat kan and wireless merata kut hahaha.

In honour of this holy Ramadhan, I ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut ramadhan and selamat berpuasa for those who able to fast. Do fast people. Fasting with no lies, no cheats, and whats most important, fasting with no foods webcam-ing. Every satans or even jembalang has been tight up in hell with no patiently waiting for 1st Syawal where they could continue their dirty works. So, if we still fast with lies, cheats or tricks. That means we are actually the existed satans ever! Jadi, who the hell or what the hell are you? Humans or Satans?

Once again, Happy Ramadhan.
And youre gonna miss me when im gone.


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