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I just cant loving you.
Im sorry.


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Yo universe, its been a million years i aint keep this site updated. Its a common reason if i said im busy with spm. But naah, i still online every single day and even my laptop isnt switched off. For the time being i dont hell know why im so active on facebook and thats it. Anything, just tryna catch me there okay baby? Haha.


SPADE "Trick or Treat"

Tickets are now on sale but beware, you can get the ticket only before this upcoming 14th December. After that date stated, no more tickets are sold. Another initiative to get the tickets only at the main entrance of the venue. Different price will be charged on 'doorsale' compared to pre-sale. For more information you can ask me so did another organizers and crews who are involved.
facebook - Deyda Shahril. myspace/flickr/twitter - deydado
Be hurry and grab yours now!