Every subject, wouldnt be boring if the teachers were cool. The only reason why i have to post this title is to make my self feeling a bit better. I dont have any fucking clue why my science teacher hate me much. Ofcourse i could feel it sebab everytime we've been hated by others, we could notice the feeling doh. Believe me. And to be frank, i dont have any guts to obey to your orders. Sebab tengok muka kau pun aku dah menyampah lah gila. Plus, when i get to hear your voices. Aiseyman.. macam nak tercabut telinga ni. hahaha. Lagi satu, pronounce kau masyallah! upsr students pun way better! Okay i do admit for all this time aku macam bodoh ja ilmu tak masuk2 sebab aku banyak kutuk kau kan. Ehh i feel blessed like hell man! Sooner or later.. I hope that my class will get other teacher for this subject. Amin~