H1N1 symptoms

This is my niece, Natasha.
Shes 8 months old.

Protect your kids from the disease called H1N1 by buy them a mask or whatever so they could live in a healthy life as what we always wanted. Cause theyre just a kid. They wouldnt simply close their nose and mouth while people were coughing or sneezing around. Everybody has to be exposed about it especially the adults who had their own family. So, its a very-very large and heavy responsibility for you. Apa aku merepek ni? Tapi memang betul lah. Pendek kata, pergi pharmacy beli mask banyak-banyak.

And live your life healthily !



wawabescoot said...

wawa nie!
foolow myblog yunk'

ada blog jua unie?

sipencarut said...

woah! pakai mask la adik tu.

deyda said...

WAWA: ada lah jugak, saja2 boring2 update lah.

ADIE: mesti ahhhh, keselamatan doh.