For peeps information.
I have been grounded for a year Jan 09 - Dis 09.
So, I dont cope with people who asking me out unless, I was the one who ask for it.
Do take note cause I hate to hear things like:
"babe, esok keluar?"
"weh, jom pergi blablabla"
"you gerak blablabla tak?"
and such.
Cause that is extremely annoyed me.
I will go out according on my time.
I know its very-very nerdy.
But dude, just a year.
I tried to focus on my next exam eventhough im not that kind of
'ulat buku'
But online is a must cause i will never hold any books at home.
So, just dont get me wrong in any aspects.
Plus, I have so much things to think.
That would be such a burden to take care of.
What a crap?

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Azuan Atoya said...

woi!!! jom kuar!!! hua hua hua