Vacation 06-091108

people said, that holiday is one of a cause to rest.
H E L L to the N O !
aku lagi penat ada lah, hahaha.
venue : Langkawi
leave on : thursday (1100pm)
arrive at: friday morning (time untold)
roommates: Sarah, Nina, Syafiqa
room number: 202 (d'sa)

haha well dont have to say a word.
i dont bring much clothes.
all i need is foodfood kahkah.

this is my paraorange.
what the fuck Bad!
seriously, Bad is not a superman.
i have no freaking clue apa ilmu dia guna ni.

white scarf : Syafiqa
shes the ayu-est.
my fartfriend, haha.
black scarf : Nadia
shes freak!
she always touch my ass big time. ohtuhan!
in shorts : Sarah
shes chinese.
layan ap jugak.

deyda lah yang tengah duduk tu, alahai.. dah tak larat nak pose..

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