Camping's Summary

Okay at last ada benda nak cerita since i haven't updating this blog due to my busyness. I just back home around 05:50 SU190709. Two days ago on Friday, a quite gempak camping was held at Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang which is participating by my LPS, few students and I myself.

This camp has inculcated some input that useful about motivation and such. If I explained it one by one, memang ni macam blog ceramah lah pulak kan. So, at first it was so exciting when I heard about this camp. As usual memang banyak orang yang gebang dalam dunia ni kan. Cakap nak pergi but at last, tak jadi. What a bulls. Its hurting when the people promise me that they would go has canceled their intention to be one of the camp’s participants. Cakap belit serupa ular punya orang. I was soooooooooooooo unmood like hell. So, the teacher gives some slack to the students that is not among LPS to be with us and join this camp. Okay enough about this depressed thingy. Lagipun ada ayesha. hahaha.

Untuk tidak bertype panjang, I’ll summarize the activities in bullets type every each day cause im freaking exhausted right now.

- FR170709 (1st day)

Around 3 my mum sends me to school and when I reach my school, a bus that waited since 2.30 I guess has fuelled by the peeps yang nak pergi. I quickly get a sit with my besthead, ayesha. Dalam bus tak nak ceritalah, memang menyakitkan hati ja kena dengar sinar fm -.- and we are finally

reach DER around 5.30.

Sampai sana, kitorang macam tunggu kat satu pangkalan tau. Sebab tunggu pihak DER tu ambik by their own transport. Bas memang tak kan naik atas lah. Sebab dia macam banjaran bukit apa semua. We were fetched by, not to say lorry, but not to say jip either.

But it is cool gila. It has no roof, so macam best dalam hutan naik kenderaan macam tu. And we were so batak jerit jerit like hell. Biasalah rusa masuk kampung.

First reception by the facilitators is quite bland. First impression of us, we’re like “Apahal kerek gila dia orang ni?” Warning macam-macam, menyampah pulak. hahaha. Look, sorry to say, I try to be honest as much as possible.

At night after we finished our solat and makan, we were having LDK macam ice breaking tu as usual lah. Quite cool, where we could learn how to speak in three malaysia’s language. It is confusing im telling u. So kalau dah merepek-merepek tu aku mula lah speaking Thailand. hahaha.

Ketua faci tu tiba layan aku pulak, dai phut niknoi. So mai mi tam ngarn I phut thai yer yer lah. haha. (reti cakap sikit-sikit so tak ada kerja aku pun merepek lagi lah dengan dia) The facilitators, is quite cool, where they had sporting and friendly type, and a very fantastic two uncles. Macam bapak aku dah. haha. Tidak ketinggalan ada jugak faci yang tak friendly langsung and tak menyerlah sangat. Kerek lebih. Instead of that ada task given by them and we have to complete like buat bendera and members of group punya name tag semua lah. There are only four group consist of 10 pax per group. And nama my kumpulan is Hang Tuah. Aku tak tau apahal namanya begitu rupa.

Back to the room, in plan of having a very peace rest. But as usual first night tak akan tidur right, makan ja lebih. My roommates are Ayesha, Maisara and Biba. And fyi, bilik kitaorang dari luar dia berbentuk "A" which i marked as cool and we are sooooooo like sleeping in a tent. Light off around 3.30am, and have to wake up early sebab nak solat semua.

Our cute 'A' rooms.

Basically its a photo of our room from inside.
Just to show and hope u get the picture.

-SA180709 (2nd day)

Early in the morning, the coldness cant be tell through this blog, seriously. And I was dumb sleeping without wearing my sweater. Stupid kan? Padahal sejuk nak mampus. Plus tak pakai selimut. Ayesha dengan Mai dah conquer. After the alarms shouting, kitorang agak pekak badak. And still been waked by budak bilik sebelah. haha.

After refreshing our self, we were struggling straight to the surau due to kelembapan masing-masing and lambat for solat. So tak berjemaah lah. haha. And to be frank, rajin pulak aku solat weh -.-

After senaman and breakfast (I try to be more faster sebab dah tak larat ni) we started our first outdoor activities which is jungle-trekking. To be frank I am still not that fit even at my free time I used to jungle-trekked at FRIM atleast once monthly. This jungle-trekking is different where the ranger (the one that lead us all the way till end) is a very cool uncle I guess. He is a non-stop smiling human I have ever met. haha. Don’t get him wrong, he is the fittest man ever. Climb up and down slumber ja tak berpeluh langsung while the others, sweating, drinking like hell semua. He is just cool as I do HAHAHAHAHA joking -.- Actually I planned to surrender at the middle of our way while climb up and such. But I keep on going without taking any vensolin hahaha. Basically, this jungle-trekking is the tough one sebab nak cakap pun susah. But seriously, memang tough. Around 3.5km from sea level. All parts of my body turns ache And I said, please sabar deyda. Please. It’s a very beautiful moment after we reach down and breathe out proudly.

We had our lunch and after that, we cleaning up our self and get ready for the next activity. Brag to say, abseiling is cool and easier than rock climbing. hahahaha. the truth is dua-dua pun susah actually. And dua-dua pun has a very different skills and techniques. And I got surveys from the girl’s side about this abseiling. They said that their alat sulit turns sakit right after doing that thing. And I will raise my hand for them because I feel the same way too. Unfortunately, I felt very weak after doing this second stuff due to the statements above. Instead of that, my knee has been knocked like a wood crushing. Sakit duh.

Minum petang dah settle. Proceed to the next games which is obstacles course. Its like a mini plkn. But generally plkn is wayyyyyyyyyy tougher. This is an aching games hahaha. Tak ada lah, actually time ni lupa nak pakai long sleeves. Tu yang bercalar tangan.

(I am freaking sleepy right now) Malam after we had finished our solat, dinner and such. We have game that called as “Kembara Malam”. Its cool to play. Nice concepts and thanks groupmates for having such a great team work. And a bit credits for my junior Hazuki. You are a very clever kid. I salute u like hell dik. Overall, game ni dia yang banyak fikir. Damn! I was shocked :)

Last game of the day is “Night Walk”. Basically semua orang tahu about this game. Kena tutup mata dengan kain a few hours being a blind man and faci will takes us to walk. After that, we will left alone in the dark at jungle area which is we also didn’t clear where we were at. Unfortunately, I cant tell u a very details story about this game. Because, at the moment I hve been left alone, I was freaking sleepy. I just don’t care about where am I anymore. So macam terus baring ja tidur kat situ. Tau-tau ada faci kejut. hahaha. Settle!

Back to room, time ni semua stock dah flat ja. hahaha. masing-masing dah tak ingat nak gosok gigi or even basuh kaki. Semua terus cari port nak tidur. And thanks to Mai for the selimut. hahaha. Light off around 3.

-SU190709 (3rd day)

Everybody has sets their alarm but still didn’t work. Even I myself asik snooze and entah berapa banyak kali snooze tah. hahah. Finally, sedar the clock is showing 15minutes to go to 7am. SEMUA TAK SEMBAHYANG hahahaha. Uncle faci tu pun bengang ah tunggu dari pukul6 sorang pun tak show up. He is mad like hell. My God, memang menjawab lah tok batin (fikri) and nek batin (ayesha) hahaha. Habis semua kena denda. Memang seronok lah kena denda ni. Semalam punya sakit dah bertambah and even worst. After that, we doing tiny exercise called poco-poco. 5 peeps lead kat depan, the rest ikut. And ofcourseeeeeee ayesha and I lah kan. haha.

Breakfast has settled and now we are told to be ready to go to one side and yeah cross the canopy bridge. Its hell fun! Looks like the bridge is not too long but the fact is, it is… hahaha. Flying fox :(

Mandi, packing. group presentation, get the winners few presents. and get all the things instead of saying goodbyes for a very cute tiny room. Having a very funny conversation before leaving. We’re just have fun this weekend. Its hard to say goodbye. But as long as we still alive, who knew that we could see each other again right. Plus, myspace ka ada. hahahaha. Seriously, kira cool right uncle-uncle tu myspace pun tau. hahaha. Finally, bye…

That’s the end of my story.

I guess this isn’t that complete and I might forgot to tell something.

Randomly, macam ni lah lebih kurang cerita yang boleh disampaikan.

Too bad, pictures are captured from different cameras.

So once I get those photos, Insyaallah I upload it into my flickr or even here.

Im exhausted like hell doh and thanks for reading this.


love, deyda.


wawabescoot said...

lah patut la u menghilang??
pegi camping ruppennye??

mesti hitam legam kan daer???
heheheh :PP

Ayesha H said...

yes aku dh bace, best. bace aku nye lak. HAHA

sipencarut said...

bestnye jungle tracking. ;)

deyda said...

wawa : i memang dah hitam pun. u rileks ja. hahaha.

ayesha : aku dah baca kau punya jugak. tak details macam aku dik :P

adie : yess sangat best!

ahmadzamri said...


deyda said...

hahaha maaf lah bekas KP.

ayong said...

syg syg syg.
u camping kt DER ke?
best kan tmpt tu?
sbb i penah pergi last sem time kursus kempipinan.

deyda said...

mmg best pun.
thanks for reading.