Yeah Yeah Yes!

Hoi hoi yeah it was Friday which is my favorite day. Just a moment ago, we have successfully done our exams. hahaha. it was fun doing my last paper, science are quite hard for me but at the eleventh hour I was pretending to be like, I mean I studied the chapter that suggested by teachers last night. So, before the paper started me and Aliya, (the cleverest student in our class) had a small discussion about science. I don’t know why I was like rajin gila completing the ‘Program Cuti Terancang’ given by Hazim (class monitor) and when she watch my faithfulness on doing that paper HAHAHA, she come close to me and then she said, “hey rajin nya” haha and I said “aku confirm ni kuar hahaha”. So we sit together and share all the information about chapter 1 and 2.

“Okay semua pelajar diminta meletakkan bag di belakang dan berada di tempat masing-masing” was the sentences we’ve been heard before the exam started. Once the paper was laid in front of greedy eyes of mine. In the absence of wasting my time, I unceasing open the paper and usha section B questions. Weh I wanna scream out loud tapi exam baru start and it wasn’t a real SPM pun, hahahaha. ALL u know ‘ALL’ ? yes I mean ALL the exercise Aliya and I was discussed before the exam keluar and I like OH MY! mesti A1 lah aku hahaha. Okay, It was a story about science paper lah.

Before recess time, we have account paper. Like hell doh. Thank God I do memorise the format of akaun kawalan blabla and penyata penyesuaian bank blabla. haha. Hello hafal format ja baru. Still unsure on scoring the paper. So pray for me. haha.

-Now, another quite silly story.

On our way home, ofcourse lah being brag about our last day exam and on. I was walking with liyana and ayesha. Si pencabul tetek (liyana) doing her ‘Empat Ratus’ (400) again. As usual, the victim would be ayesha. They keep arguing about 400 all the way back home. While im alone walking in front of them.

So ayesha said, “haa tengok deyda bagus jalan depan.”

and then I said “jalan depan lah, ada wawasan.”

So liyana walk forward and leave ayesha behind with her itikwalk style, hahaha.

Then ayesha said “liyana jalan terjengket-jengket.”

Liyana grabbed my hand and said, “biar ayesha jalan depan, tengok sikit macam mana dia jalan.”

Ayesha walk over us and then I said, “ayesha jalan bontot kiri kanan.”

she said, “haha deyda jealous!”

I replied like hell, “weh aku pun boleh jalan lagi terrer, bontot depan belakang lagi lah.”

ayesha laughing and then “liyana pulak jalan bontot atas bawah!!” curse talk of both of us about liyana.

seterusnya, gelak like hell again and again.

Ceh berspeaking pulak aku, maklumlah dah lama tak update blog.


for god sake, I do admit my broken English has taught me well and A pulak PMR.

hahahaha so blah lah kau!


mia said...

tagged! sile bwat ye cik deyd.
i tau u rajen.
haha. :P

sipencarut said...

ape cite bontot neh?

Ayesha H said...

Terbaik aa deyd!