Theres nothing to do with the' edit colours' photo above. I just performed my life not really well these days. Its been a long time since a away to Perak. I dont know what to say cause i miss that person badly. Everytime i onl my ym,ms and stuffs i felt like theres no one to talk to. Oh i need a boyfriend. Fucked up! I dont need one. Yes i do need it! NO! What's the use of it? God i need a boyfriend. Shut the hell up, boys like shit. Im telling you i want 'him'. Whos him? Ahh whoever he will be, grossdick! Wait, having a boyfriend is like u owned a guardian angel at the same time so that he will protect u from whatshitever. Aha boys suck more than girls do. No No No! What the heaven im storying about? Forget it...

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