Sami Kepala Dua.

i can't be honest when i'm talking to you, u idiot! not completely. but here's something wrong with you: your own emotions, your words, your attitude simply acting in relationship with the situations around you, you have the power to judge people's photos, that is really you (i guess). you might see that i am wondering at possible loss, at total denial. it's not easy, and it's very young, but it's scary, legitimately. yeah right, i'm just a person who lived in your game. bapak bekecai hati aku dengar kau cakap macam tu pukimak! this is not my serenade and ofcourse this is not my ode to be proud off. but seriously kan, kau memang macam babi!!!

i am wondering.
what's the use of me in your game?
and i am curious.
what is the title of the game?

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