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I just cant loving you.
Im sorry.


New Post

Yo universe, its been a million years i aint keep this site updated. Its a common reason if i said im busy with spm. But naah, i still online every single day and even my laptop isnt switched off. For the time being i dont hell know why im so active on facebook and thats it. Anything, just tryna catch me there okay baby? Haha.


SPADE "Trick or Treat"

Tickets are now on sale but beware, you can get the ticket only before this upcoming 14th December. After that date stated, no more tickets are sold. Another initiative to get the tickets only at the main entrance of the venue. Different price will be charged on 'doorsale' compared to pre-sale. For more information you can ask me so did another organizers and crews who are involved.
facebook - Deyda Shahril. myspace/flickr/twitter - deydado
Be hurry and grab yours now!


Merdeka's Belated Birthday.

Yesterday on 31st August, Malaysia's birthday was celebrated. It's a big day for Malaysia where everybody with various races has proudly says "Merdeka! Merdeka!" with various tones and keys together. Once again, they were standing together as one nation, one Malaysia.

I was late posting this post due to my busyness playing fb's annoying application. In fact, I am now taking trial for my big exam, SPM. This is the thing that cuak me out because since awal tahun I don't think that i have spend my time for study. I sedar of what i've just said. But theres a lot of satans (in modern english) or setan (in malay) in my room, seriously. So, since it was Ramadhan known as a very holy month i will changed and started to hold any books during free time (maybe) instead of still online-ing cause it's a must. And i guess this is my last month using this berukband cause i've just received a letter from maxis stated blablabla... and i am willingly going to terminate this beloved berukband's services as soon as possible.

Okay i know this is going to be sad. But what to do. If my laptop has an active signal to online, i will possibly turn in front of this screen and never never never thinking about others. Sebab ada macam aura or something like magnet has chased me, has pulled me, has attract me and i will easily gets careless. But chill lah, pakli dekat kan and wireless merata kut hahaha.

In honour of this holy Ramadhan, I ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut ramadhan and selamat berpuasa for those who able to fast. Do fast people. Fasting with no lies, no cheats, and whats most important, fasting with no foods webcam-ing. Every satans or even jembalang has been tight up in hell with no patiently waiting for 1st Syawal where they could continue their dirty works. So, if we still fast with lies, cheats or tricks. That means we are actually the existed satans ever! Jadi, who the hell or what the hell are you? Humans or Satans?

Once again, Happy Ramadhan.
And youre gonna miss me when im gone.



Fucked Up

Peeps, i've got something to share doh hari ni. Today is the day that everybody feels stressed out I guess sebab it was the first day of ujian setara which is Accounts, Science and Sejarah are the subject of the day. And i was like "OH MAN!" get rid myself from this please.. And I decided to take my license computer test today. So skip school lah kan and as usual kalau ponteng2 ni mak orang first tau. Kawtim punya! HAHA

Early in the morning around 9 I arrived Liyana's home and waited mak Joe nak fetch we all and yeah, our tummy were jamming at that time and we are finally decided to go to DE for having breakfast.... Mak Joe has arrived.

We are heading straight to Seri Muda sebab test centre kat sana. I am Bismillah-ing nonstop doh in like thousands time i guess sebab cuak punya pasal...... The test were finished. Liyana memang dah keluar 15 mnutes earlier than me. And shes failed the test by scoring under 42. And dia gelak towards aku lalu keluar dari bilik ujian dan menuggu deyda di luar. hahaha.

Semak punya semak, i put some strength to myself and said "dah lah tu deyda, kesian yana tunggu kat luar" and i finally finished my test by clicking the button "ya" followed by "keputusan" and tadaaaaaa i am failed too. HAHAHA im scoring 41 doh. Just one more question then i'll past the test. But what to do. There is no turning back. And i stressed out all day long.

On 2.30, Liyana and Wawa sent me to Ika's home. In a plan of finishing our Tinta's senior page. But the truth is, i am not in the mood of losing 1 mark that is important to me. Ye lahh nak re-take kena rm50. Baik buat tengok movie five times kan! HAHA. So, Ika and I finally put aside the works and planning to go out of the house to somewhere we could lepak-ing and released my tension.

We have collected a lot of frames petang tadi. And I feel better bila dapat gambar nak di-edit kan. Thats what i usually do when i feel down actualy. HAHA. But suddenly my photoshop buat hal. And i feel so fuckedup. What a horrible day i had. This is unacceptable especially when it comes to the result of the test.

Ya Allah!
Apakah dosa-dosa hambaMu ini?


Dah Nak Tumbuh Gigi

This is the rascal, Tasha.
Shes 9 months old macam tu.
Ni lagi sorang payah nak jaga. Instead of makan aja kerja dia, dia jugak seorang project maker yang berjaya. The whole house gets messy easily when she started making things.
Those photos are taken on Sunday, when we are heading straight back to Shah Alam from Atok's house there at Damansara.

Baby baby my baby, you drive me crazy!

Her name is Nur Atikah Tan.
Shes 5 months old (something)
I dont know what is her major problem actualy. Sehari tak menangis tak sah. Its unacceptable if people said, "shes a baby, biasalah.." But then, Tuhan ja tahu macam mana kalau jaga dia ni. Its like im the one who will cry later.


Big Mac Monster !

Okay, semalam TH240709 hari kedua sesi photography. Macam biasalah kat sekolah aku nikon(s), canon(s), or even compact camera(s) are everywhere. hahaha damn! Puan Shahina (guru photog/tinta) marah and suruh delete semua gambar yg illegally captured from semua camera. So gambar yang sayonara form5 semua kena delete lah. Macam apa right? damn! And Deyda total masuk Tinta dalam 11 JER!

Balik rumah dengan keadaan penat dan hitam -___-"
Semangat nak online lah konon. Lepas tu kawan aku (Azizi) call ajak lepak. Kawan aku bawak lagi sorang kawan, mula-mulanya aku tak kenal siapa budak tu. Dia diam ja, macam babi tak cakap. Bisu ka apa tah. HAHA. Last-last terkantoi, rupanya budak laki yang konon bisu ni Muzani sepal HAHAHA babi bantai gelak. Pusing-pusing area 19 ni. Dengan tak ada arah tujuannya kitorang straight to mcdonald hicom and lepak also makan disana.

Di mcd, aku macam tak plan nak makan. Tapi saja ja lah bodek-bodek Azizi tu. Mana tau dia nak belanja ka tak an. HAHA. So dia belanja lah aku fries and large coke (large coke which deyda memang tak akan habis unless time darurat) Azizi makan ayam and Muzani makan Big Mac. Si pentelaah makan tak ingat bumi ni. Tak padan bigmac tu besar. Aku pergi ambek sos sekejap. Aku back to meja dia dah habis makan. GILALAH! Tak sampai 5minit kut. Kalau makan doublecheese or mcchicken agak nya tak sampai 60seconds dah habis.

Aku salute doh orang gila ni -___-"


Tinta's Symptoms

Yo peeps!
As you know i memang jarang betul update-update blog ni right.
So, once i dah dapat complaint macam tu.
Rajin lah kut update blog lepas ni hahaha tak janji doh but I'LL TRY.

Hari ni pagi-pagi buta dah hujan lebat. Gila-gila punya lebat. Tak masuk class lagi dah lencun basah habis! GILALAH. Disebabkan hujan, hari ni my mum pun hantar awal gila (banyak betul gila hari ni) pergi sekolah. Today macam a bit energetic, biasalah photography's day. AT first, i was queuing on 5WR's photog session. And bila dah habis tu macam malas pulak nak naik atas due to jealous gila kat my form4 prefect juniors yang jadi ajk. I was like "Hoi, aku nak jaga jugak, tak nak masuk class.."and the are like "kau sibuk-sibuk ja lah kat sini, buat-buat macam ada duty.."

Once dah ada greenlight. Deyda pun apa lagi. Stay ja lah, and ofcourse buat kerja okay. Kau ingat aku ni apa ha nak duduk ja macam trafficlight tengah jalan. And i feel like cool gila, hari ni ja masuk 7 frames :D . Dah beberapa lama aku on duty. Tiba-tiba Puan Shahina (guru photog) panggil.. (my heart is beating sooo fast like F1 or Moto GP hahaha damn!) And then dia tanya "Eh awak nak stay sampai petang tak? Nanti teacher bagi rm5". I was like hell what????????? sampai petang? Gila ka apa doh? Dah lah panas, bertambah dua tona gelap muka aku. haha. AND dah lah rm5 ja! hahaha kidding. Then i said "Ohh boleh jugak lah cikgu, okay saya stay ja".

On 1.05pm, the bells are ringing. Semua students sesi pagi dah beransur pulang. And Deyda and the kids (juniors) staying back at bilik pengawas sebab nak duty sebelah petang pulak. Budak sesi petang datang and nak masuk class time ni. Adik kepada ketua pengawas baru pun datang kat bilik pengawas tu and hulur McD Fillet-O-Fish kat Naqiu ni. Kitorang macam "DAMN! McDonald dohh". Masing-masing macam kebulur ja tengok Naqi makan.

Aku pun decide nak makan McD jugak. Syed ada motor. Boleh gerak 18. Unfortunately, 18 jauh sangat. Lastly decide makan kfc ja lah. 20 dekat sikit. Syed dengan Aismat pun terus gerak. Satu bilik pengawas order cheesy wedges lah, large coke lah, apa lah. On 2pm kena get ready, but 1.45 baru dua ekor mamat delivery ni sampai. Pergh banyak pulak diaorang beli. Siap dengan snake plate dua set apa benda lagi tah. Macam kenduri dalam bilik pengawas tu i told u. haha.

Okay now back on duty. Dari pagi asik makan ja kerja kitorang doh. Mentang-mentang roti koperasi free dua kotak! hahahaha. Budak petang OMG. Jangan cakap doh. Nerds are everywhere! hahahaha. Seriously. Aku, Syed, Naqi, and the girls semua stock buat dajal ja kutuk-kutuk budak. Setiap class yang shoot ada ja mangsa nak kena drop. Gila bertambah dosa. hahaha! Gelak like hell doh tak berhenti-henti. Penat muka aku nak gelak dah.

Balik around 5 doh. Penat but dapat rm5 -_________-"
So, esok i will try my very super best nak masuk frames for tinta as much as i can. Eh salah! AS MUCH AS I AKAN ! hahahaha.


Camping's Summary

Okay at last ada benda nak cerita since i haven't updating this blog due to my busyness. I just back home around 05:50 SU190709. Two days ago on Friday, a quite gempak camping was held at Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang which is participating by my LPS, few students and I myself.

This camp has inculcated some input that useful about motivation and such. If I explained it one by one, memang ni macam blog ceramah lah pulak kan. So, at first it was so exciting when I heard about this camp. As usual memang banyak orang yang gebang dalam dunia ni kan. Cakap nak pergi but at last, tak jadi. What a bulls. Its hurting when the people promise me that they would go has canceled their intention to be one of the camp’s participants. Cakap belit serupa ular punya orang. I was soooooooooooooo unmood like hell. So, the teacher gives some slack to the students that is not among LPS to be with us and join this camp. Okay enough about this depressed thingy. Lagipun ada ayesha. hahaha.

Untuk tidak bertype panjang, I’ll summarize the activities in bullets type every each day cause im freaking exhausted right now.

- FR170709 (1st day)

Around 3 my mum sends me to school and when I reach my school, a bus that waited since 2.30 I guess has fuelled by the peeps yang nak pergi. I quickly get a sit with my besthead, ayesha. Dalam bus tak nak ceritalah, memang menyakitkan hati ja kena dengar sinar fm -.- and we are finally

reach DER around 5.30.

Sampai sana, kitorang macam tunggu kat satu pangkalan tau. Sebab tunggu pihak DER tu ambik by their own transport. Bas memang tak kan naik atas lah. Sebab dia macam banjaran bukit apa semua. We were fetched by, not to say lorry, but not to say jip either.

But it is cool gila. It has no roof, so macam best dalam hutan naik kenderaan macam tu. And we were so batak jerit jerit like hell. Biasalah rusa masuk kampung.

First reception by the facilitators is quite bland. First impression of us, we’re like “Apahal kerek gila dia orang ni?” Warning macam-macam, menyampah pulak. hahaha. Look, sorry to say, I try to be honest as much as possible.

At night after we finished our solat and makan, we were having LDK macam ice breaking tu as usual lah. Quite cool, where we could learn how to speak in three malaysia’s language. It is confusing im telling u. So kalau dah merepek-merepek tu aku mula lah speaking Thailand. hahaha.

Ketua faci tu tiba layan aku pulak, dai phut niknoi. So mai mi tam ngarn I phut thai yer yer lah. haha. (reti cakap sikit-sikit so tak ada kerja aku pun merepek lagi lah dengan dia) The facilitators, is quite cool, where they had sporting and friendly type, and a very fantastic two uncles. Macam bapak aku dah. haha. Tidak ketinggalan ada jugak faci yang tak friendly langsung and tak menyerlah sangat. Kerek lebih. Instead of that ada task given by them and we have to complete like buat bendera and members of group punya name tag semua lah. There are only four group consist of 10 pax per group. And nama my kumpulan is Hang Tuah. Aku tak tau apahal namanya begitu rupa.

Back to the room, in plan of having a very peace rest. But as usual first night tak akan tidur right, makan ja lebih. My roommates are Ayesha, Maisara and Biba. And fyi, bilik kitaorang dari luar dia berbentuk "A" which i marked as cool and we are sooooooo like sleeping in a tent. Light off around 3.30am, and have to wake up early sebab nak solat semua.

Our cute 'A' rooms.

Basically its a photo of our room from inside.
Just to show and hope u get the picture.

-SA180709 (2nd day)

Early in the morning, the coldness cant be tell through this blog, seriously. And I was dumb sleeping without wearing my sweater. Stupid kan? Padahal sejuk nak mampus. Plus tak pakai selimut. Ayesha dengan Mai dah conquer. After the alarms shouting, kitorang agak pekak badak. And still been waked by budak bilik sebelah. haha.

After refreshing our self, we were struggling straight to the surau due to kelembapan masing-masing and lambat for solat. So tak berjemaah lah. haha. And to be frank, rajin pulak aku solat weh -.-

After senaman and breakfast (I try to be more faster sebab dah tak larat ni) we started our first outdoor activities which is jungle-trekking. To be frank I am still not that fit even at my free time I used to jungle-trekked at FRIM atleast once monthly. This jungle-trekking is different where the ranger (the one that lead us all the way till end) is a very cool uncle I guess. He is a non-stop smiling human I have ever met. haha. Don’t get him wrong, he is the fittest man ever. Climb up and down slumber ja tak berpeluh langsung while the others, sweating, drinking like hell semua. He is just cool as I do HAHAHAHAHA joking -.- Actually I planned to surrender at the middle of our way while climb up and such. But I keep on going without taking any vensolin hahaha. Basically, this jungle-trekking is the tough one sebab nak cakap pun susah. But seriously, memang tough. Around 3.5km from sea level. All parts of my body turns ache And I said, please sabar deyda. Please. It’s a very beautiful moment after we reach down and breathe out proudly.

We had our lunch and after that, we cleaning up our self and get ready for the next activity. Brag to say, abseiling is cool and easier than rock climbing. hahahaha. the truth is dua-dua pun susah actually. And dua-dua pun has a very different skills and techniques. And I got surveys from the girl’s side about this abseiling. They said that their alat sulit turns sakit right after doing that thing. And I will raise my hand for them because I feel the same way too. Unfortunately, I felt very weak after doing this second stuff due to the statements above. Instead of that, my knee has been knocked like a wood crushing. Sakit duh.

Minum petang dah settle. Proceed to the next games which is obstacles course. Its like a mini plkn. But generally plkn is wayyyyyyyyyy tougher. This is an aching games hahaha. Tak ada lah, actually time ni lupa nak pakai long sleeves. Tu yang bercalar tangan.

(I am freaking sleepy right now) Malam after we had finished our solat, dinner and such. We have game that called as “Kembara Malam”. Its cool to play. Nice concepts and thanks groupmates for having such a great team work. And a bit credits for my junior Hazuki. You are a very clever kid. I salute u like hell dik. Overall, game ni dia yang banyak fikir. Damn! I was shocked :)

Last game of the day is “Night Walk”. Basically semua orang tahu about this game. Kena tutup mata dengan kain a few hours being a blind man and faci will takes us to walk. After that, we will left alone in the dark at jungle area which is we also didn’t clear where we were at. Unfortunately, I cant tell u a very details story about this game. Because, at the moment I hve been left alone, I was freaking sleepy. I just don’t care about where am I anymore. So macam terus baring ja tidur kat situ. Tau-tau ada faci kejut. hahaha. Settle!

Back to room, time ni semua stock dah flat ja. hahaha. masing-masing dah tak ingat nak gosok gigi or even basuh kaki. Semua terus cari port nak tidur. And thanks to Mai for the selimut. hahaha. Light off around 3.

-SU190709 (3rd day)

Everybody has sets their alarm but still didn’t work. Even I myself asik snooze and entah berapa banyak kali snooze tah. hahah. Finally, sedar the clock is showing 15minutes to go to 7am. SEMUA TAK SEMBAHYANG hahahaha. Uncle faci tu pun bengang ah tunggu dari pukul6 sorang pun tak show up. He is mad like hell. My God, memang menjawab lah tok batin (fikri) and nek batin (ayesha) hahaha. Habis semua kena denda. Memang seronok lah kena denda ni. Semalam punya sakit dah bertambah and even worst. After that, we doing tiny exercise called poco-poco. 5 peeps lead kat depan, the rest ikut. And ofcourseeeeeee ayesha and I lah kan. haha.

Breakfast has settled and now we are told to be ready to go to one side and yeah cross the canopy bridge. Its hell fun! Looks like the bridge is not too long but the fact is, it is… hahaha. Flying fox :(

Mandi, packing. group presentation, get the winners few presents. and get all the things instead of saying goodbyes for a very cute tiny room. Having a very funny conversation before leaving. We’re just have fun this weekend. Its hard to say goodbye. But as long as we still alive, who knew that we could see each other again right. Plus, myspace ka ada. hahahaha. Seriously, kira cool right uncle-uncle tu myspace pun tau. hahaha. Finally, bye…

That’s the end of my story.

I guess this isn’t that complete and I might forgot to tell something.

Randomly, macam ni lah lebih kurang cerita yang boleh disampaikan.

Too bad, pictures are captured from different cameras.

So once I get those photos, Insyaallah I upload it into my flickr or even here.

Im exhausted like hell doh and thanks for reading this.


love, deyda.


Retard Talks

An old video that i found interesting in my videos folder. I oploaded this vid just for fun. Eventhough this vid has become so familiar. But peeps (raise soulders) just take a look of it.
Thank you.


H1N1 symptoms

This is my niece, Natasha.
Shes 8 months old.

Protect your kids from the disease called H1N1 by buy them a mask or whatever so they could live in a healthy life as what we always wanted. Cause theyre just a kid. They wouldnt simply close their nose and mouth while people were coughing or sneezing around. Everybody has to be exposed about it especially the adults who had their own family. So, its a very-very large and heavy responsibility for you. Apa aku merepek ni? Tapi memang betul lah. Pendek kata, pergi pharmacy beli mask banyak-banyak.

And live your life healthily !



June 11, with Aten Syaz Ayesha

Aten / Syaz / Ayesha / Deyd

Aaaaa. Ni yang nak cerita pasal keluar tadi ni. Actualy aku kan sakit. Malam tadi aku pergi berubat kat kampung mana tah. Ada lah pasal sakit aku ni an. So, berubat tu dia agak high sikit. Stone gila babi. Mak aku pun lalok nak bawak kereta. hahaha. Time tu syaz massage ajak keluar esok (hari ni) aku pun reply lah "jap syaz, aku tgh berubat." Balik online kejap then terus pengsan. Pagi2 aku bangun terus text syaz tanya diorg nak tengok movie apa. And then dia cakap nak tgk Hannah Montana, aku macam layan ja lah sbb nak keluar an. haha. Gerak pyramid around 12.30. Sampai subang nak turun tangga, ada lah satu makcik ni bersin, gila lah H1N1 an. ahaha. Dia tertunduk, aku yang terperanjat nya terseliuh terpeleut kat situ. Bak kata AmerKid "sudah jatuh ditimpa bontot" hahahaha. Sakit sial, tapi aku keep on walking. Aku dengan pantang nya apa benda macam oran lepas bersalin ni, makan ja. The rest makan burger and it was like shit to me. But its okay. Just a month. And i will get tgif. Last2 tengok Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak. And agak lawak lah. Pergi lah tengok bawak laki bini anak-anak mak bapak mak bapak mertua mak bapak tiri nenek atuk sepupu sepapat kalau boleh semua aku nak tulis -.-" haha. After movie, ada lah kitorang kehulur-kehilir pasal aku nak mencari barang. Dah agak2 nak gerak balik macam tu, tengah jalan2, yang si syaz ni tak reti nak duduk diam. Nak pijak selipar ayesha lah konon. Amek KAUUUUUUUUUUU terpelanting kat situ. Im telling you it was so all of sudden dia tergolek dog kat situ. ANd back of us ada lah tiga orang budak tengah jalan. Diorang pun like omg. What is she doing down there? (padahal pelik tengok syaz terpelanting) hahaha. I bet that is the funniest part of the day. Blablablabla, balik. Naik ktm time nak balik tu, terserempak pulak dengan budak yang kat belakang kotorang tadi. Syaz dah malu-malu kucing. hahaha. Again with blablabla. Back home. The end of story.



For peeps information.
I have been grounded for a year Jan 09 - Dis 09.
So, I dont cope with people who asking me out unless, I was the one who ask for it.
Do take note cause I hate to hear things like:
"babe, esok keluar?"
"weh, jom pergi blablabla"
"you gerak blablabla tak?"
and such.
Cause that is extremely annoyed me.
I will go out according on my time.
I know its very-very nerdy.
But dude, just a year.
I tried to focus on my next exam eventhough im not that kind of
'ulat buku'
But online is a must cause i will never hold any books at home.
So, just dont get me wrong in any aspects.
Plus, I have so much things to think.
That would be such a burden to take care of.
What a crap?

A. I. M. Y.


And that’s the only thing I could say today.

And that’s it.

And end.



Every subject, wouldnt be boring if the teachers were cool. The only reason why i have to post this title is to make my self feeling a bit better. I dont have any fucking clue why my science teacher hate me much. Ofcourse i could feel it sebab everytime we've been hated by others, we could notice the feeling doh. Believe me. And to be frank, i dont have any guts to obey to your orders. Sebab tengok muka kau pun aku dah menyampah lah gila. Plus, when i get to hear your voices. Aiseyman.. macam nak tercabut telinga ni. hahaha. Lagi satu, pronounce kau masyallah! upsr students pun way better! Okay i do admit for all this time aku macam bodoh ja ilmu tak masuk2 sebab aku banyak kutuk kau kan. Ehh i feel blessed like hell man! Sooner or later.. I hope that my class will get other teacher for this subject. Amin~


Earth Hour

Support The Earth Hour.
28 March 2009
8.30pm - 9.30pm

So, switch off all the plug.
Light Off.
Just 60 minutes.
Sokong! Support! Adereve!

Yeah Yeah Yes!

Hoi hoi yeah it was Friday which is my favorite day. Just a moment ago, we have successfully done our exams. hahaha. it was fun doing my last paper, science are quite hard for me but at the eleventh hour I was pretending to be like, I mean I studied the chapter that suggested by teachers last night. So, before the paper started me and Aliya, (the cleverest student in our class) had a small discussion about science. I don’t know why I was like rajin gila completing the ‘Program Cuti Terancang’ given by Hazim (class monitor) and when she watch my faithfulness on doing that paper HAHAHA, she come close to me and then she said, “hey rajin nya” haha and I said “aku confirm ni kuar hahaha”. So we sit together and share all the information about chapter 1 and 2.

“Okay semua pelajar diminta meletakkan bag di belakang dan berada di tempat masing-masing” was the sentences we’ve been heard before the exam started. Once the paper was laid in front of greedy eyes of mine. In the absence of wasting my time, I unceasing open the paper and usha section B questions. Weh I wanna scream out loud tapi exam baru start and it wasn’t a real SPM pun, hahahaha. ALL u know ‘ALL’ ? yes I mean ALL the exercise Aliya and I was discussed before the exam keluar and I like OH MY! mesti A1 lah aku hahaha. Okay, It was a story about science paper lah.

Before recess time, we have account paper. Like hell doh. Thank God I do memorise the format of akaun kawalan blabla and penyata penyesuaian bank blabla. haha. Hello hafal format ja baru. Still unsure on scoring the paper. So pray for me. haha.

-Now, another quite silly story.

On our way home, ofcourse lah being brag about our last day exam and on. I was walking with liyana and ayesha. Si pencabul tetek (liyana) doing her ‘Empat Ratus’ (400) again. As usual, the victim would be ayesha. They keep arguing about 400 all the way back home. While im alone walking in front of them.

So ayesha said, “haa tengok deyda bagus jalan depan.”

and then I said “jalan depan lah, ada wawasan.”

So liyana walk forward and leave ayesha behind with her itikwalk style, hahaha.

Then ayesha said “liyana jalan terjengket-jengket.”

Liyana grabbed my hand and said, “biar ayesha jalan depan, tengok sikit macam mana dia jalan.”

Ayesha walk over us and then I said, “ayesha jalan bontot kiri kanan.”

she said, “haha deyda jealous!”

I replied like hell, “weh aku pun boleh jalan lagi terrer, bontot depan belakang lagi lah.”

ayesha laughing and then “liyana pulak jalan bontot atas bawah!!” curse talk of both of us about liyana.

seterusnya, gelak like hell again and again.

Ceh berspeaking pulak aku, maklumlah dah lama tak update blog.


for god sake, I do admit my broken English has taught me well and A pulak PMR.

hahahaha so blah lah kau!

Bodoh Nak Mampus

lagu tinggi gila babi.
suara pun dah macam babi.

lidiya - rockstar
deyda - tahistar
karad - kill the star

Cheer prac break. bukan nya perg makan. perg membabi suara tak sedap pun nak jamm hahaha bongok tak bongok lah kan. Lagu lain ok ja. Lagu ni mcm tggi nak mampus aku hentam ja kahkah. Plus, kami bukannya band pun. Saja tukar rutin sikit nak malukan diri bukan selalu. Ahhh. Enjoy the vids, thank you.


Babi, Pig, Khinzir

Monday 26Jan – Cuti weh, bosan weh. Semalam aku tidur awal dalam pukul 10 sbb mcm ngantuk gila dan penat. tak tau apa aku buat. Baru lelap mata mak aku cm lc lah ketuk pintu bebel2 pasal abg aku. Sebab ngantuk punya pasal, aku tido balik.

Pagi pkul 7.30 aku cam terbangun, dengan mamau nya aku baca text karad. “Girls wake up, cheer prac weh” then aku rep pukul brapa? dia rep “8 aa”.. aku tidur balik. Pukul 8 aku terbangun, oh fuck prac weh. Capai tuala mndi lah. Time tgh dalam bilik air, mak aku ketuk pintu bilik air plak. “Lepas mandi ni turun bawah jap, nak cakap.”

Lepas siap pakai tracksuit semua nak cheer lah konon, aku pun turun dgn innocent nya. Parents aku duduk tegak2 kat kerusi mcm nak umum hari raya lah pulak kan. Aku pun duduk lah dan tanya apahal?

Tersangat pig lah kan seawal 8.30 pagi dah kena tiau tak tentu pasal. Parents aku mmg kalau nak sound tak check ada bukti ka tdk. Abang aku pun satu, kalau dah buat report tak fikir mati hidup. Nasib baik aku syg kau lah pk.

Back to the point. My brother and his wife ada cam gaduh sikit, adat lah rumah tangga. But then, tak logic nak mampus parents aku ckp they all gaduh sebab aku weh. Ada ka sebab abang aku belikan aku stuffs and then bini dia marah. Aku dah la agak panas baran. Pagi2 buta aku semangat nak g cheer, dah kena tiau bukan2.

Aku langkah kuar pintu, kena peril-perlo pulak. Ahhh lantak lah ya.

Pagi aku keluar, petang aku balik. Buat apa duduk rumah klau asik kena tiau memanjang kan?

Aku balik dalam pukul 4 then tidur. Gila penat kepanasan.

Lepas tu hujan, bapak aku ketuk2 pintu bilik kejut dengan suara yang lantang haih naik darah aku. Ada ka tengah tidur sedap2 kena kejut cam tu. Memang baran aku timbul lah kan. Ok fine lah kalau nak suruh aku angkat kain sebab hujan pun, tak boleh ke ketuk pintu cakap elok2. Aku bukan nya tidur mati pun, lagipun baru ja lelap mesti senang nak bangun. Then aku tak boleh tidur balik.

Malam, my mother, my brother and his wife baru balik from mana tah. Lantak lah kan, aku mana tau. Mak aku yang konon nak amek hati aku belikan aku makanan lah kan. Dia belikan nasi ayam. YA ALLAH! dah berjuta kali aku cakap aku benci nasi ayam. tak suka tak suka tak suka! tak paham2 ka? aku ni anak dia doh. Tak kan lahh haih!!!!!!!

Nak cerita banyak2 pun, shes my mother. Ehm. I'll rather eat biskut kering lah than nasi ayam yg warna kuning tu. Kalau betul2 darurat yg tak dapat nak diselamatkan tu, baru lah aku makan nasi ayam okay. Its not like aku tak bersyukur or what. Tekak aku tak boleh nak terima, what to do then?

Just put your self in my shoes so baru kau tau. Ni baru satu hari punya cerita peeps. belum hari2 yang lain kan.

Eventhough, my family is a non-comparable best things I have ever had, but yeah this is my final year, so don’t you ever be a wall to obstruct my way people.


Tension ja.


Hey perempuan, before kau jadi one of my family, aku dapat beribu lah, barang2, apa aku nak semua dapat. Sekarang kau dah ada, tak payah la nak sentap sebab abg aku belikan aku stuffs. Plus aku tak mintak, dia mmg suka belikan aku barang. Kau jealous kenapa? Tak cukup lagi apa kau dapat??? AWAKE !

Tipah Tertipu

Well, hari ni mmg lah my first day kan ke sekolah. Plus jadi senior lak. memang lawak. haha. Pagi2 lagi prefects dah ada first unformal meeting. Macam biasa lah, hal Opss lewat mesti bangkit punya la!
Tahun ni prefects teacher pun dah tukar. Dulu Pn. Herlina alahai aku suka kau! hahah. Sekarang dah tukar teacher, but the teacher is quite ok lah. So, kira2 macam pukul 3pm mcm tu, kitaorang kena datang sekolah sbb bilik prefects tahun ni tukar sebelah koperasi, idk wth man! macam siput. Dah bilik lama dah cantik kut kitaorang repaint and so on. Then kena tukar bilik busuk mcm tu. Bukan tu ja, kitaorang kena pindah kan semua barang kat bilik lama ni. dah kosong and settle semua, dgn hati yang agak terbuka kami pun nak gerak lah ke bilik baru tu. Macam tahi bilik tu pehun gila barang yang tah apa2, besi buruk, sampah sarap, almari tak guna, sinki mcm shit and macam2 other unplesant things lah we.
And yang menjadi beban nya adalah kotak minuman yg berkotak2 tak terkira macam siaa. Serta beberapa kotak kertas A4 yang masih belum digunakan. Kotak kertas tu berat dia dua kali ganda dari kotak air. Walaupun kotak kertas sikit lah. Benda macam jauh gila kut bilik baru ke bilik lama tu. Memang memerah keringat lah kan nak hangkut satu2 -.-

Nampak macam sikit, tapi FHUH tak tau nak cakap.
Macam cau gila ja kan. Free dapat sakit itu lah ini lah. Hahaha. Tak apa. It was fun doing that silly sweating thing hahaha!



There are a few manners of friends of mine.
about back to schools symptom.

Thanks and love ; deyda.



Theres nothing to do with the' edit colours' photo above. I just performed my life not really well these days. Its been a long time since a away to Perak. I dont know what to say cause i miss that person badly. Everytime i onl my ym,ms and stuffs i felt like theres no one to talk to. Oh i need a boyfriend. Fucked up! I dont need one. Yes i do need it! NO! What's the use of it? God i need a boyfriend. Shut the hell up, boys like shit. Im telling you i want 'him'. Whos him? Ahh whoever he will be, grossdick! Wait, having a boyfriend is like u owned a guardian angel at the same time so that he will protect u from whatshitever. Aha boys suck more than girls do. No No No! What the heaven im storying about? Forget it...


end year sale !


400d / rm1600

jika mahu, sila datang ke station ktm terdekat.
or in other way, sila berhubung dengan deyda di:
ym -
atau pun myspace -
seterusnya anda akan dihubungkan terus dengan taukeh cam tersebut.
tak puas hati lagi?
anda juga boleh pergi ke kedai jual penyapu berhampiran.

sekian, terima kasih


misleading situation

cerita ini berlaku diantara aku, my dad dan mak ehe.

ayat2 yang keluar suma sebijik.

tak main edit2.

aku – D

my dad – A

my mak – M

D : dad, I nk beli kasut sekolah.

A : ok ok nnt I bg duit.

D : 150 tau. rabu ni nak pegi beli dgn kakak I baru kenal ahah.

A : kasut u serat ja kan?

D : tak lah 150.

A : aiya dealing macam mana? hari tu cakap hundred.

D : tukar2 harga hehe J

A : macam tu pulak?

D : ala sekali sekala, setahun sekali.

A : ahh banyak lah u girl.

D : mana ada banyak, I sorang ja kan.

M : ya lah, jaga kau mcm jaga ramai orang.

D : eh mak kata kalau org tengah cakap jangan menyampuk.

A : hahaha.

M : amboi melawan. tak payah bg dia bang.

D : hari rabu tau dad.

A : apa tak dengar?

D : ak alahhh.

aku pun pegi kat telinga bapak aku.


A : ya lah. yang u ni jerit tu apahal?

D : tadi kata tak dengar kan. bagus lah sekarang dah dengar.

A : u ni don’t play the fool.

D : ok I tak fool, I clever yeh? hahaha.

A : eh u nk keluar dgn kakak mana plak ni?

D : alaa ada la. nama dia nabila. kenal kat myspace ja.

A : I pon nk buat myspace lah. boleh kenal dgn anak angkat baru tu.

D : ah tak payah! tutup cerita. hari rabu 150. sekian terima kasih. assalamualaikum.

A : hoi nak pegi mana tu?

D : online!

A : tk da keja lain.

D : mana ada keja, belaja lagi lah atuk oi.

A : whatever bulls.

D : hoi ayat I tu. okay I nk on jangan kacau.

lepas tu my dad panggil..

A : eh girl sini skejap.

D : apa mau?

A : buat kan I air.

D : ish tadi tk nk ckp awal2. dah separuh tangga ni baru nak cakap. nak air apa?

A : kopi o ya. u kan orang gaji i. best tu. buat air secawan dapat 150.

D : blah la u dad. jap ya.

lepas buat air..

D : nah. ni nak kena buat apa lagi ni? last offer lpas tu I busy dah.

A : dah tak da apa. to be told later klau ada apa2 ya orang gaji.

D : ceh! smpai hati u..

aha sudah sudah.

penat kalau nak cerita psal my dad aka bapak tersayam.


selepas itu naik atas post bnda ni.

:) aha –dah habis-